The Dreaming City: Activities And Bounties

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The Dreaming City

Bounties and Activity Completions

Retold Tale

The best and upcoming PVP weapon, this legendary Energy shotgun will become essential in the new season. Look into our services to grind this weapons and keep up with the newest content!

Petra Venj

Once you have completed the Forsaken Campaign and gained access to The Dreaming City you will unlock the Bounties & Activites on The Dreaming City.

Daily Bounties

We will complete the Daily Bounties that Petra Venj is offering. Rewards Baryon BoughDark Fragments & Legendary Gear.

Weekly Quests & Bounties

We will complete the Weekly Bounties that Petra Venj is offering. Rewards Dark Fragments & Legendary Gear. Gateway Between Worlds rewards Baryon Bough & Offering to the Oracle.

Must have completed the Forsaken Campaign.


Located in Lore “Dusk and Dawn”. Complete all 25 pages to claim this book. This service can offer time-gated lore, requiring several resets for the full book.

Strongest Curse Week Time-Gated Lore:

  • Bone in Queen’s Court (bounty completion included in service) – FIDEICIDE II
  • Bone in The Dark Monastery Mission (bounty completion included in service) – ECSTASIATE III

Time-Gated Ascendant Challenges:

  • #1 Ouroborea (Location: Aphelion’s Rest) – IMPONENT I + NIGH II
  • #2 Forfeit Shrine (Location: Gardens of Esila) – HERESIOLOGY + 2/5 IMPONENT II
  • #3 Shattered Ruins (Location: Spine of Keres) – ECSTASIATE I + 2/5 IMPONENT V
  • #4 Keep of Honed Edges (Location: Harbinger’s Seclude) – ECSTASIATE II + 2/5 IMPONENT IV
  • #5 Agonarch Abyss (Location: Bay of Drowned Wishes) – COSMOGYRE IV + PALINGENESIS I
  • #6 Cimmerian Garrison (Location: Chamber of Starlight) – BREPHOS III + NIGH I

Not Time-Gated Lore:

  • Open World Lore – Fideicide III + Cosmogyre III + 9 Patrol Eggs
  • The Shattered Throne (full completion included) – Katabasis + 4 Bones
  • The Last Wish Raid (full raid completion included) – Palingenesis II
  • The Corrupted Strike- Imponent III + Brephos II + Cosmogrye I

Must have completed the Forsaken Campaign.

Ascendant Challenge

We will complete the Weekly Ascendant Challenge that Petra Venj is offering.


The Ascendant Challenge rewards Dark Fragments & Legendary Gear.

Must have completed the Forsaken Campaign.

Shattered Throne

Sometimes referred to as a 3 man raid, the Shattered Throne is an endgame activity set in Dreaming City. Loot this activity to finish your Seal, for collections, or at the change to award the RETOLD TALE!


The Shattered Throne rewards Legendary Gear & Emblems.

Must have completed the Forsaken Campaign.



  • Must have completed the Forsaken Campaign
  • Must have have access to The Dreaming City

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