About Us

ItemGrinder is an organization of professional Destiny players who have been helping fellow Guardians since 2019.

Many players do not have the time, roster, or capability to complete the various endgame activities in Destiny.   That’s where we specialize. What we offer is a hassle-free solution for PvP and PvE activities no matter what your limitations may be.

Over the years, our team has completed over 7,000 orders and has built up a very strong reputation.


300+ Verified Reviews

Whether you just need good players to join up with or want us to sign on and complete activities for you, we are here to help!

Visit this page to view many of our Frequently Asked Questions.

How We Operate

Our website features a completely customized shopping experience tailored to Destiny players.

  • Our 24/7 support staff consists entirely of professional Destiny players who can answer all related questions

  • All services feature a custom character API lookup so that you can specify exactly what character you want worked on

  • Our workforce follows strict rules and procedures and has an unbeaten track record of over 7,000 orders and 3,000 product reviews

  • Our website sends out Discord notifications  which you can respond to if needed



Who We Are

ItemGrinder is an German-based, tax paying business that consists of over 50 professional Destiny players from around the world.

We are working around the clock to ensure that all clients are satisfied with their service.

Some of the main reasons why players hire our team are:

  • A busy work schedule
  • The difficulty of the activity or being underleveled
  • You want to have everything in the game but don’t have enough time
  • A significant other that disapproves of the amount of time that you spend playing video games
  • You are going on a vacation but don’t want to miss out on time-gated rewards


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    Nicht so schnell!

    Wir können dieses Produkt zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt leider nur für PlayStation Accounts anbieten.

    Damit sind dein Destiny 2 Profil und deine Charaktere jedoch noch nicht vom Tisch. Mit der Einrichtung von Cross Save können wir auf deine Hüter zugreifen. Du benötigst weder ein PlayStation Plus Abonnement, noch Erweiterungen für den PlayStation Account.

    1. Erstellung eines PSN Accounts

    Über folgenden Link kannst du ohne eine PlayStation zu besitzen einen PlayStation Account erstellen: Jetzt PlayStation Account erstellen

    Gib alle notwendigen Informationen ein, ohne dabei die 2 Faktoren Authentifizierung zu aktivieren. Vergiss bitte nicht, dein PlayStation Network Konto zu bestätigen, indem du auf den Link klickst, den dir Sony an deine E-Mail Adresse geschickt hat.

    2. Cross Save einrichten

    Auf Bungie.net findest du einen Punkt mit dem Titel Cross Save. Dort fügst du einfach den PlayStation Account hinzu, wählst deine aktive Plattform aus (also die, wo du deine Charaktere erstellt hast) und klickst auf Cross Save aktivieren.

    Die Einrichtung ist somit abgeschlossen und du kannst unter Angabe des neuen PlayStation Accounts dein gewünschtes Produkt bei uns bestellen.